When I found out I was going to be a mum in 2016, I had this really lovely idea that having a baby would be amazing, like, all the time.

I was an idiot.

Rex Jack Eames arrived on 3 June 2017 and put me on my ass in a way I never thought possible. It was nothing like I imagined and I felt ashamed, embarrassed and most of all, guilty, for wondering what the hell I’d done. At the time, I searched online for information or advice as to why I felt the way I did, but nothing that I found summed up how I felt. Which made me feel even worse. All I wanted to know was that I was not alone in my feelings of despair.

Rex is now seven months old and while I love him with every inch of my being, nothing about being a mum has come easy or naturally to me. I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and have been going to support groups ever since to work my way through it.

It’s for this reason that I decided to launch my little Mother Bluffer brand, which aims to celebrate and support mums everywhere on this wonderful-but-sometimes-a-bit-shit-too journey.

Hopefully you’ll find this is a place of safety, warmth, humour and definitely no judgement. Welcome my friends, trust me when I say that however you are feeling, you are not alone.